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The simple, cheese cake with a base sponge cake and a fresh peach buath must be melting in your tongue since the first time. old timeYou can make yourself a sponge or buy sponge cake has been sold in packs.It is ready to try?

A materials: sponge cake vanilla size 20x20, cm split 2, transversely shape to fit mold cutter

 Cheese cake: 
  • 125 ml water ( canned peaches )
  • 2 human resources lemon juice 
  • 3 human resources geltain powder 
  • 375 g cream cheese 
  • 80 g sugar castor 
  • 225 g, canned peaches a blender
  • 250 ml whip cream

  • 50 g, peaches cut into slices 
  • 50 g, wine 

How to make plastic mica 2 prepared cutternya, in printed form essentially with cardboard / coated with aluminum foil: put a sponge cake vanilla at the base of the gelatin: mica cheese cake with water peaches and lemon juice until late dna. clearWhipped cream cheese with sugar and soft. until late Enter blenderan, peach toss until mixed, flattened , plam solution of gelatin stir flattened.Shake whip cream and condensed, enter bit by bit into a cream cheese, stir flattened pour into molds mica already it's late, sponge cake cover with, cling wrap store in refrigerator.

Save cheese cake for 6-8 hours so concise. and brittle Give ornament pieces, peach and wine on it chill. again  Present cheese cake while cold to be solid and fresh.

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