Milo Lava Cake

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Milo is no longer just powder to make milky .With little creativity , powder milo is now able to conjured up varies variant cake.
For you who like to make dessert of milo, powder to give milo lave cake...

Resep Milo Lava Cake, Kudapan Manis Favorit Semua Orang

That recipe served following very practical.Curious 

8 tablespoon resources milo powder
2 tablespoon resources hot water
2 eggs
4 tablespoon sugar
6 tablespoon protein wheat flour are
6 tablespoon margarine liquid
butter or margarine just enough to do a mold for sprinkling powdered milo

how to make :
>Enter milo powder into a container of medium size .Would you like to add hot water into a powder milo , a stirring up a evenly , then have spared
>Take two eggs, break, and put it in a container.Mix sugar, then shuffle off until fused.
>Enter protein wheat flour are heading down in batter eggs and sugar , and stir evenly .After stirred evenly , enter a mixture of the millo that has been made previously .Stir back
>Would you like to add margarine a liquid into the batter .Stir up became muddled average
>Prepare a mold for steam that had been smeared margarine
>Pour dough milo into a mold , then broiled over a fire large for 8 minutes .
>Serve into plates and sprinkle with powder milo as a complementary.

Hmm, not really interesting practical milo lava cake recipe makes this?Besides, suitable for children lava cake have also been appropriated served the family for events or to. picnic provisions.

 Good Luck

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