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Pie in general are favored by many.Its texture out a skin with a soft, sweet and melted in the central part of the fruitcake is appetizing. many people to have the first bite.
So famous as pie this so many tourists that visit the island of Bali bring souvenirs pie milk bali very of the famous.

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The ingredients of which must be well prepared
  • 160 grams of protein and wheat flou
  • 125 grams margarine
  • 1 egg just taken continu
  • Common salt them / 1 small spoon
  • 30 grams of refined sugar
  • Cold water for the mix the batter to taste
Material to the contents :
  • 1 tablespoon butter  
  • 125 -150 grams of chocolate bars
  • Milk more or less as many as 50 ml

An easy way make :
  • Put together with margarine, wheat flour of common salt to taste, powdered sugar and stir it up into the ground.
  • Enter the egg yolk stir back until all the flattened part of mixed  
  • Pour cold water a little by little,Stir about until the flattened do not get any those congealed
  • Prepare loaves of which has been smeared margarine,Prepared loaves pie already smeared margarine and enter batter with a little pressed that reyah and easily broken.
  • Heat a griddle ( oven temperature around degrees and put 170 ) and baked until. ripe.
  • After mature lift and let sit for a minute that. cold.
  • Cook, milk chocolate bars and margarine stir flattened and chill
  • Enter dough pienya loading into the skin and let sit approximately 30 minutes 

Good luck

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